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10 Reasons to Switch to a Wildix Phone System

Make Wildix your next Phone System

Phone system not meeting your needs? Do you find it’s more of a hinderance than a help? Well, in this post we look at just 10 reasons you should switch to Wildix.

1 – Video Conferencing

Hybrid working is here to stay for many companies and video conferencing is a vital part of that. Wildix Wizyconf can handle 25 participants with video turned on (recommendation for optimal performance only. At the time of writing, there is no limit to the number of users who can share their videos). Additionally you can consider live streaming, so only those users who need to speak and share their video can, whilst others can watch and comment. Your conference room allows you to see participants in a tiled view, or automatically switch to the user who is speaking. Also, with a chat feature within your conference you can send files and even private messages to participants. Moderator controls give you control over participants as well as record the session for future reference. Finally, you can set a virtual image for your background whilst your camera is turned on, great for home working!

choosing a virtual image background for a video call
Apply a virtual background image whilst on a conference

2 – User Status

Remote working brings additional challenges, for example, you can’t just look across the room and see if your colleague is on a call. This is were Collaboration user status really helps. You have complete visibility of all your colleagues (with the option to filter by departments) so you can see if they are available, away or on do not disturb. Furthermore, colleagues can add a status message to say what they’re on with currently. As well as a status message, you can set how long you’ll be gone for, so your colleagues remain updated. With the Outlook integration, you can also sync your calendar entries to your status, again helping colleagues know your agenda without having to leave Collaboration.

wildix phone system status dialog box
The Change Status Dialog Window in Collaboration

For the days where you’re in the office, the new DuoLED headset really helps. Colleagues will be able to see whether you are on the phone through a status light at the side of the headset. The headset is also available as Bluetooth. Contact us today for a quote.

woman working at laptop wearing a bluetooth duo headset with status light
The Bluetooth DuoLED headset shows when you’re on the phone

3 – CDR-View

Through CDR-view you can report and analyse calls made and received to your company. See the data in charts or export the information to CSV. This is a great feature that provides useful information that really helps your business. For example, see at what time of day you’re missing the most calls. Or, see which users make the most outbound calls as well as call duration. And the best part? It’s included in the premium licence at no extra cost.

4 – Chat

As well as video, chat is a great feature to have as part of your hybrid work scheme. With staff in various locations, being able to send a quick message to a colleague really helps. And, as you can see on UC Today, they found that chat and video were the top methods of communicating in 2021 – So it makes sense to have a phone system with a comprehensive chat facility as standard.

5 – Browser Based

Since Collaboration is a browser based phone system, there is no client software to install. This means quick deployment and going live in no time. There is also the added benefit that staff can login and work anywhere. Whether that means at home using a headset, or on the go through the mobile app (available on Android and iPhones). Two factor authentication is also enabled as an extra layer of security.

6 – Scalable

Gone are the days where you had to purchase licences you ‘might’ need in the future. With Wildix, you simply pay for the licences you require. And, with 4 licence types to choose from, you can select one that best matches your staff needs. It’s also easy to order additional licences should you gain new members of staff. Licences and accounts can be setup and in use within the hour*.

7 – SMS

Easily and quickly send text messages to your colleagues or customers through Collaboration. Please note additional equipment is required for this feature to work.

how to send an SMS message in Collaboration
Quickly send an SMS from Collaboration

8 – Call Continuity

Seamlessly switch your call between devices with no disruption to the call. For example, you’ve taken a call on your mobile through the app, whilst you’ve been out. When you return to the office, you easily push the call to your handset on your desk. From the app, simply click and hold the continuity button and select which device you want to continue the call on.

screenshot of Collaboration mobile app showing call continuity options
Switch calls easily between devices

9 – Fax

Although this in an internet based phone system, that does not mean you lose the ability to fax. From Collaboration, simply click the plus icon and choose ‘Send Fax’. You also have visibility of outgoing faxes as well as an email alert to notify if it has successfully sent or failed.

10 – Kite

Integrate with your website and get visitors talking to your staff through Wildix Kite. This feature is very easy to setup and has various options for you to tailor to your needs. For example, you can show user statuses and enable or disable chat. Furthermore, once you have an open chat with a client, you can quickly turn it into a voice or video call as well as transferring to other members of staff. For an in-depth look at Kite, take a look at our blog post here. You can also try it yourself by clicking this link to call us now


In summary, these are just some of the many reasons you should consider changing your phone system to Wildix. We’d love to give you a demo, so give our office a call to arrange a time. Or, if you’d like to learn more about Wildix, take a look at their website –

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*time will vary depending on other setup that may be required outside of Wildix