Flotek acquires longstanding Swansea IT provider – Gower Business Systems

10 August, 2022

Ambitious IT & Managed Service Provider Flotek has acquired Gower Business Systems, a Swansea-based IT Provider specialising in the legal and professional services sector.

Tips on Choosing Voice and Music for On-Hold

13 July, 2022

Get all the tips and tricks to help you pick the perfect voice artist and music for your on-hold solution

Feature Updates in Collaboration

15 June, 2022

Take a look at the latest feature updates to Wildix Collaboration

Exhibitions in Swansea

18 May, 2022

We recap the past few exhibitions we attended in Swansea

CDR-View in Wildix

6 April, 2022

Use call statistics and reports to make good business decisions with CDR-View as part of Wildix Collaboration

Edge Computing

16 March, 2022

With more integrated and connected devices in the workplace, edge computing is required to enhance real time data and applications.

10 Reasons to Switch to a Wildix Phone System

9 February, 2022

If you’re looking for a reason to change phone systems, here are 10! Click here to learn more

Broadband Terms Breakdown

5 January, 2022

Get your broadband connections organised ahead of Openreach’s national stop sell

Print Trends of 2021

15 December, 2021

Take a look at some of the print trends of 2021, did you meet any of them? Or are they in your diary for 2022?

Network Change Freeze 21-22

26 November, 2021

Find out the dates for the annual network change freeze.