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CDR-View in Wildix

Monitor Call Activity in Real Time

An extension to Wildix Collaboration is CDR-View, which allows you to monitor calls in real time and produce reports.

cdr view graph of incoming calls
Example View of Incoming Calls

For example, you can generate reports related to call duration, number of calls as well as agent activity. You can also see the results in different formats such as pie charts or bar charts. Or, if you need to analyse the data further, you are able to export results to an excel file.

If you’re ready to dive straight in, there are predefined filters that let you instantly generate a report. Alternatively, if you’ve created a custom report, you can save and share it. Therefore making it accessible to other staff members with CDR-View access.

cdr view showing missed calls
Example View of Missed Calls at Certain Times of the Day

How can CDR-View help?

Without monitoring and analysis you have no strategy. For that reason, you need an efficient reporting tool that provides all the information you need to make business decisions. Find out at what time of day you receive the most calls, or whether there is an agent who is over or under-performing. With information such as this to hand, you can build or amend your strategy to ensure your business looks the best it can to your customers.

For example, you may find a lot of calls are ended before they reach an agent. There could be several reasons for this. Do you maybe need more agents picking up external calls? Or do you have a long greeting message that callers don’t want to wait through? For tips on how to make the most out of your greeting and music on hold, take a look at our professional recordings with Gower Studio

Additionally, don’t forget that having access to call recordings is vital if there is a dispute with customers, or if it is required for compliance reasons.

Learn more about Wildix monitoring and reporting on their website here