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Click to Call goes Live

Click to Call from Kandy

The observant among you would have noticed we have a new blue call button on our home page. When you click that, it brings up a visual attendant so you can quickly select who in the company you would like to speak with and then go through to that person or department.

This is a great new feature that many businesses can make use of, from Solicitors, to Estate Agents. Your customers are already viewing your website, why risk losing them by making them search for your number, then sit through an automated attendant. The best part, is that this call is completely free as it goes via the internet.

It’s also so simple to setup and can be added to any website with just a small bit of HTML.

If you’d like more details of how this works, take a look at our Communications page. You can then contact us to book a demo.

kandy click to call screenshot