Communication is vital for any business and if your phone system or broadband isn’t meeting your needs, it might be time to change.

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If you have a lot of data being transferred on your broadband line, adding voice is not always the best idea. We therefore recommend installing a new FTTC line. This would be dedicated only to your new phone system.  We are able to place orders directly with Openreach and offer a competitive install fee and monthly rate. An FTTC line, or fibre to the cabinet, gives up to four times the speed of ADSL, with up to 80mb download and 20mb upload speeds available.

There has also never been a better time to opt for a leased line. This is a line that is only used by your company so you can get greater speeds than just a standard fibre connection. Additionally, the cost of a lease line is probably a lot less than you think, and we’ll cover part of any excess construction charges.

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Another line option is FTTP or fibre to the premises. Unlike FTTC which takes the fibre just to the cabinet, this takes the fibre straight into your business. Therefore offering higher broadband speeds. This is growing in availability so get in touch today. You can also check availability on the Openreach website here:

Also, with ISDN and PSTN being shut off in 2025, we can also provide Openreach’s latest offering, SoGEA, which replaces traditional FTTC.

Whether you need a new line installed or want to switch providers, we do all the hard work for you. So, to see how much you could save send a copy of your latest bill to, and we’ll give you a comparison.