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Novavoice by Voiceflex

Novavoice is the perfect solution for companies whose staff work remotely. As the system is cloud based, there are no large up front costs and licences can be bought as and when are needed. Therefore long term operating costs are also reduced.

In today’s world, compliance is vital and Novavoice call recording makes it simple to control. You can log in, preview or download the recordings you require. Additionally, only grant access to who you want, so you always know your recordings are secure.

The greatest feature of Novavoice is the flexibility. You decide the type of license for each user, as well as what device. For example, we offer a standard range handset, or a USB headset.

Visual Attendant

Visual Attendant from Kandy is a great feature to add to your website. Most calls are preceded by a site visit so help your visitors reach you quicker. Rather than listening to lots of options during the call, they can click through the visual attendant to reach who they need. Therefore bringing instant customer satisfaction.

Visual Attendant gets your customers where they want to be quickly and easily

How does it work?

Customers call directly from their browser and select who they want to talk to.  Menu options are configurable via a web portal. You can then copy and paste the HTML code into your website.

Smart Office Collaboration

The Smart Office client by Genband not only allows you to chat to colleagues but also setup an online meeting. Users can dial in using a number and code you provide. You don’t need to worry about having a headset or webcam. So everyone can get to work faster.

Useful links for existing customers

For those of you already set up with NovaVoice, use these links to access the user portal, monitor calls and check voicemail.

Your username and password will be provided, then, when you first log in, you will be prompted to change your password.

GBS Voice User Portal

Call Recording Portal

Visual Voicemail

Download PC Client Genband UCC Client

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