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Disaster Recovery

The Importance of a Disaster Recovery Plan

You might think that a Disaster Recovery Plan is only needed by very large companies or those that might be susceptible to natural disasters such as flooding. However, with the rise of cyberattacks, the need for all businesses to have a plan in place is also rising.

A Disaster Recovery Plan is a set of procedures that outline how a company should respond and recover in the event of a disaster. For example, it would cover unplanned situations such as a power outage or cyberattack.

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What do I need to do?

When considering a DR plan, ask yourself the following: how quickly could you be up and running again? How will you ensure staff can still have access to their files? In short, the aim is to be able to continue business operations as best as possible.

Think about your data, where do you store it? Do you backup to disk? If you do, great, but do those disks stay on site? If there was a fire or a flood, everything would be lost.

You might also want to consider a fail over internet line. This would be essential if you use VoIP handsets. So, should one go down, you can automatically transfer to the second line.

A virtualised server also has benefits for a DR plan. A virtual server holds your operating system, applications and more. Therefore, making it easy to copy to another site if needed.

You can also learn how our Managed Services will help with your plan.

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