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Domain Management and Web Hosting

Domains and Hosting

The world of domain management and web hosting can be a complex place. Especially if you are just starting out. In this post, we’re going to break it all down and look at some of the stages involved.

First of all, if you’re not sure what these terms mean, take a look at our ‘Spotlight on SSL’ post.

New Domain, New Website

Say you have a new business and want to get online. You know you need a great website to engage with all your possible new customers. So you find a web developer who says they’ll handle everything. Sounds good? Sure, but be careful on how you proceed. If your developer or designer purchases your new domain name using their details, they will be the registrant, not you. Also, if they don’t give you access to the account, it can cause issues down the line.

For example, after a few years, you find a better hosting deal elsewhere. You wish to move your products, but the relationship with your developer has broken down. This makes moving the domain difficult as you would need to get the authorisation codes which are sent to the registrant. Disputes are handled by Nominet for UK domains and you can learn more about them here . You would also need to prove you have the right of ownership. All of which can take time.


It is possible to have your domain hosted in one location and your website hosted in another. However, to keep things simple, you can also transfer your hosting to your account with us.

Which hosting plan you choose, will depend on your existing website. For example, is it a WordPress site? Or just static HTML? Also, do you just have the one website or have you got several? For most cases, you will need a cPanel hosting package. You can see the different packages we offer here . The process for transferring your website hosting will also vary depending on your existing setup. In short, we would need to take a copy of your existing files and upload them in your new hosting account. Then, we would tell the domain to look in this new location. Again having full access to your original account really helps here.

Regardless of what you wish to do, it is very important that you always purchase your domain name and web hosting so that everything belongs to you. When you purchase these products from our Storefront , we can take you through the steps required.