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How to make the best impression on a video conference

Presenting an executive presence

Remote conference calls are a great way for your team to get together or to meet clients. However, working from home, you might not always feel you are presenting an executive appearance. Just like in your office, where you want to make the best impression to visitors, video conferences from home are no different. We’ve listed some tips below to help:

Camera angle

Working off a laptop can sometimes mean your camera is at an odd angle. Therefore use books to elevate the laptop so that your camera is facing you straight on. This will also help to make your participants feel like they’re actually talking to you. Another benefit of this is that it will help your posture – no more slouching shoulders.


Try and position your desk in front of a window as natural light is best. However avoid having your back to the window as it will cast you in shadow and makes having video turned on pointless.

Conference Audio

Always check your audio before joining the call, and if needed have a run through before your clients join. The conference feature from Wildix is great for this as it prompts you to check your microphone, video and speakers before you join. If you have a problem, you can quickly access the dial in numbers and use your phone for audio.

wildix video conference call settings for audio, microphone and video
check your audio settings before you join a call

Eye Contact

Try and look into the camera rather than watching your own video preview. Remember that a video conference is much like a face to face meeting; when someone else is talking, be sure to look at them. Additionally, don’t sit too close to your camera, not only can it make you appear distorted but also hides your hand gestures.

Hopefully, with these tips your meetings will be more productive and you can close more sales. Contact us today to arrange a demo of the Wildix system.