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Feature Updates in Collaboration

Everyone loves a new feature, and the latest Widix update comes with some we wouldn’t want you to miss.

Dark Theme

Under Settings > Personal, there is now the option to toggle on the dark theme. As soon as the toggle is activated, the theme is applied.

dark theme feature applied
Dark Theme
Default Theme

Department Groups

You now have greater flexibility grouping your members of staff. In previous versions, you could only assign a user to one group or department.

In this feature update, the department section on the left side of Collaboration will show as a tree – allowing you to add sub departments.

This will need to be setup in the admin side when your PBX is created. We can also setup for any existing PBX so give our office a call if you would like to add this.

Department Tree View

Video Conference Interface

The interface has been redesigned and now includes an expanded menu at the bottom of the screen where you can see icons to start screen sharing, open chat and raise your hand. You can now also send other reactions such as surprise, thumbs up or hands clapping.

New reactions in video conferences

Contact Centre on Mobile

You are now able to dynamically sign into other call groups from the mobile app. The app is free to download on iOS or Android. The support starts from iOS app version 8.6.55887 and WMS version 5.04.20211108.3. Found under ‘Settings’ and ‘Contact Centre’ toggle the ‘Sign On’ switch then select the group you want to join.

Technical Feature

For those who like to get technical, Wildix have enabled wideband codec by default to improve audio quality. It should also help avoid any times there are calls with no audio.

Want to learn more about Wideband Codecs? Check out Wildix’s blog here: (opens in new tab).

Future Feature Updates

Wildix is continually developing and releasing features and fixes. If you cannot see the features above, then your update might not have installed just yet. They also have a feature request form for customers to submit ideas for future releases so be sure to make a note of your ideas!