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Wildix Partner

Gower Business Systems Partners with Wildix

We’re proud to announce a new partnership with Wildix; offering a new choice of VoIP solutions and Unified Communication.

Who are Wildix?

Wildix offer a Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) system to improve communications and increase productivity. They allow workers from wherever they are in the world to communicate from their web browser or app.

What are the features?

You are able to make calls, chat with colleagues, or start a conference via Collaboration. It is even possible to send a fax. Need to leave the office? It’s easy to seamlessly switch the call to your mobile and continue the conversation without an interruption. Furthermore, compatibility is no longer a worry as Collaboration works in Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Through Wildix Kite, you are able to quickly add a chat feature to your website. Powered by WebRTC (web real time communications) this makes it compatible with most browsers and on mobile. Customers can quickly reach out to your staff and even turn the chat into a call or video call. Therefore making a visit to your website a great experience for users. It is also easy enough to setup without the need for a web developer.

If you’re interested in call analytics, there is a comprehensive call detail report, allowing you to view, and report on; total talk time, total ring time and more. You can also break these reports down per user or just for external calls. Download and save to keep a detailed comparison log of your busiest times and departments.

What about handsets?

Wildix own brand handsets are the only VoIP phones that display the presence status information of on-site and remote colleagues. They also have a broad range on offer, from a standard desk phone to an android based handset complete with removable webcam and touch screen – perfect for top managers.

Alternatively, as the phone system is browser based, you have the choice to go down the headset only route. Again, there are several options so you can find the right set for your staff. From a wired mono headset to Bluetooth and the latest offering; the Wildix DuoLED, which shows your status on the headset (green if you are free, red if you are on a call) meaning no more interruptions!

The WAIR-Headset below is perfect for those who prefer the flexibility of moving anywhere in the office whilst still being able to make and receive calls.

Wildix WAIR Headset
WAIR-Headset allows users to pickup and make calls wherever they are in the office.

Why Wildix?

They are the first web-based PBX and VoIP PBX dedicated to companies looking to increase productivity by relying on 100% secure-by-design systems.

Wildix have also recently announced that they have been named as 2020 TMCnet Teleworking Solutions Excellence Award Winner. See the full article here . This award honours products that help ensure remote workers have the same access to communications and other corporate resources as they would in their office. TMC is a global integrated media company.

Find out more

Learn more about Wildix here: and keep an eye on our Communication page, which we’ll be updating with more information on why this is the next phone system for you.