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How to Prepare Against a Cyber Attack

How to recognise and avoid a potential Cyber attack

One click is all it takes to let an infection into your network. Hackers and cyber-thieves are clever, they mask their threats to appear as:

Internet Downloads

It’s important that you, and everyone else in your company, knows the following safety checklist. We’ll happily take a look at any emails you might feel are suspect. A 5 minute check is better than a day or restoring data!

Before you open anything, ask yourself the following:

  • > Do I know the sender? And does it make sense for them to email me?
  • > Can I verify the attached PDF or link is safe?
  • > Is the email only appearing to be from someone I trust?

Beware of Phishing

Many emails are sent as part of a phishing attack, messages appear to be from others in your organisation. Maybe you work in accounts and the sender is asking you to settle a payment? Emails such as these are common place and it is easy to carry out the request before fully checking whether it is legitimate. Look carefully at the senders email address, it might have the correct name of a colleague but is the email address genuine? Does it perhaps have a full stop where normally there is none?

Once cyber-thieves have access to your network they are able to hold you data for ransom by corrupting the files. To avoid having to pay an extortionate ransom fee, having a recent backup to restore to is vital.

Users may be the highest risk factor in your organisation but they are also the point which can prevent the most attacks on your data. Knowledge and awareness is key as well as having a sound security system in place. Take a moment to have a look at our security offering here to see how we can help.

Useful Links

Cyber Aware and Take Five are awareness campaigns to help individuals and organisations protect themselves against cyber threats. They offer straightforward advice to help limit and prevent fraud. You can learn more here: