Managed Services

Pro-active Server and PC monitoring through Managed Services

Managed services is an extension to your business, we help simplify technology, allowing  you to be free to focus on your business growth.  Our team detects and resolves problems that arise – often before there is an impact.  No matter the size of your organisation, monitoring network assets is essential. Gone are the days when it was reserved for only very large companies.

Cyber attacks are more common than ever, with threats from viruses, worms, spyware and ransomware.   However, these are constantly evolving, requiring a multi-layered approach to reduce opportunities and access points for attackers.

The more layers of security you have, the harder it is for cyber criminals to launch a successful attack of your system.  Education of your users is also key, so they know how to spot phishing scams, as email is a primary point of viral and malware attacks.

We bring comprehensive Network Support, Management and Maintenance to your organization. Therefore, a system review is vital for us to provide a recommendation to ensure we meet your data security and business needs.  We’ll look at:

> Current capacity requirements

> Load peaks

> Potential bottlenecks

> Overall performance

Data Backup and Recovery

Linked with pro-active server monitoring is our data backup and recovery solutions. Data is your companies greatest asset, which is why backups are so important. For example, a suspect email attachment is downloaded that then encrypts your files. Following this, we are able to revert back, using a recent backup, to that last good data point. Therefore your users to be up and running again in no time.

We can arrange with you a suitable time to schedule the backup and will discuss the best backup type for you.

3 Powerful Benefits

Boost Productivity

Failed backups, anti-virus not updating and failed hard drives are all issues that provide warning signs, and if left unmonitored, could develop into a critical issue. This leads to extended downtime and service interruptions.  Monitoring allows us to detect issues early then isolate and fix them so your daily performance can be improved.

Increase Reliability

Proactive monitoring catches problems early, before damage spreads through your network. We can then restore to full functionality quickly, and often, before you’re aware there was ever an issue.

Avoid Expensive Breakdowns

When problems go unchecked,  they quickly turn into a crisis which leads to an expensive bill to rectify. By constantly monitoring your system, issues are actively sought out  and finding the root cause quickly changes diagnostic time from hours to minutes.