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Microsoft Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks to get you up to speed

Looking for some tips and tricks to speed up your working? Keep on reading and you’ll be a short-cut master! We’ve also got some tips that will help when you need to log a support call. We know it can be difficult to explain exactly were the issue is, so thankfully, Windows gives you a useful tool. Make sure you bookmark this page for future reference!

Keyboard Shortcuts

CTRL + Backspace

When you need to delete most of a sentence, but find that you often over run with holding the backspace button, try using CTRL and Backspace which will delete a whole word rather than individual letters.

CTRL + Left Arrow/Right Arrow

Pressing CTRL and either the left or right arrow will jump you to the start of the word you are currently on. Similar to how the Home and End keys work with sentences.

ALT + Tab

Quickly jump through all applications you have open to easily find what you’re looking for. Sometimes you can be so deep in your work that tracking down the pointer and searching for what you need is just too time consuming.

Microsoft Word

These tips will make your life that little bit easier:

    • View Gridlines – Go to ‘Page Layout’ > ‘Align’ > ‘View Gridlines’. Take note though, this all apply to all Word documents you have open.

welcome back alert in word

    • Automatically add Date/Time – Go to ‘Insert’ > ‘Date & Time’ > tick ‘Update automatically’ checkbox.

update date and time automatically in Word

Record an Issue

Often when customers log a support call, they can find it difficult to explain the error they are encountering, especially when they don’t come from a technical background. Also, there are times where the issue has disappeared once we get on the phone. This is where the recording feature really comes in handy, and it’s built into Windows.

Click on your Start icon or Search and type ‘psr’, this should bring up the Steps Recorder program. As soon as you press record it will record every action you make. For example, opening programs and typing.

Watch the video below to see it in action.