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Network in need of an overhaul? Or no network to speak of? We will happily discuss your requirements and find the best hardware to meet those needs. From servers and memory to the best type of backup solution, we handle all aspects of networking. We can also look at your current networking setup and design alternatives if needed.

Peplink and Netgear

Complimenting our HP hardware are solutions from Peplink and Netgear. Peplink offers a variety of routers that allow you to be connected wherever you are, with fast and secure long-range Wi-Fi. If you work in an industry where your online presence needs to be 100%, a Peplink Balance Dual-WAN could be the answer.

Combine these with Netgear’s ProSAFE managed switches (with varying port availability) and you will have a future-proof network infrastructure. Additionally, these essential network features are priced for small and mid-size business making them a cost effective solution. Offering VLAN, Quality of Service as well as network security, these are the fundamentals your office needs.


If you are interested, please call 01792 762646 to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, have a look at our other services: