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Olympus Dictation from Home

Digital Dictation for Home Working

To make working from home as efficient as it can be, the ideal scenario is to mimic your office environment as closely as possible. This means having a stable connection to your office machine, a proper monitor and access to your companies phone system (take a look at our previous blog post ‘Call Management on Collaboration’ to see how Wildix makes this easy). For some, this could also include having access to their Olympus digital dictation solution.

Olympus Digital Recorders have intuitive interfaces, studio pop filters as well as shockproof bodies. So you can trust that wherever you are, you can create a clear digital recording that is ready for transcription. Furthermore, devices have a pin lock and 256 AES Encryption to ensure your information stays secure.

  • Pop Filters
    These offer noise elimination, through a series of layered circular discs that create a mesh like filter on the microphone. These layers break up speech, removing any popping, cracking or breath sounds and are found on all professionally used microphones. Pop filters are crucial for you to have crisp, clear recordings. Which in turn, makes transcribing a lot easier.
olympus dictation unit ds-9500

The DS-9500 has WiFi capability, meaning you can easily share your files to your chosen email recipients*. Transcriptions are also sent via the Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS). This removes the need to download files on in-network computers, therefore enabling you to continue working from home.

*not compatible with the DS-9000

Olympus Dictation Management System

ODMS will route recordings according to pre-set rules, within the workflow, when recorders share information via an office network or mobile tethering. Therefore, a manager can easily send recordings to assistants without needing to create an email and attach the file.

You can also complete your transcription from home using the AS-9000 Transcription kit. ODMS can then quickly route the file to where it needs to go.

See the full list of the DS9500 features at:

If you already have an older Olympus system and think it’s time to upgrade, or you’re looking to setup the above, please give our office a call and we’ll happily discuss your requirements.

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