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Print Trends of 2021

As we come to the close of another year, we sum up HPE and Westcoast’s report that looked at print trends of 2021.

Hybrid Printing

With hybrid working, comes the rise of hybrid print. Many staff may still be working from home, whilst others may have more of a hybrid working pattern. If staff are on the go, then providing them with a solution to help them print from anywhere would be beneficial to all. HP Roam for Business allows mobile professionals to submit jobs to print from any device. And, as the report found that 51% of people aren’t adequately equipped to work from home, it’s time for change. Hybrid working is not likely to disappear, so let us help you get your staff working the best they can.

Collaboration – Sanitisation – Sustainability

The office of the future is likely to be focussed around these three key matters. Many people find collaboration easiest in person (although chat is gaining popularity) and therefore choose to meet in the office. This could lead to downsizing office spaces or renting meeting rooms. Also, as part of collaboration, digitising documents will help staff to access information wherever they are.

Next, is sanitisation, which is naturally a top priority for employers and employees. This is especially true for ‘high-touch’ equipment, such as the communal printer. This could therefore lead to businesses looking to zero-touch capabilities and as mentioned above, HP Roam.

Finally, we have sustainability. An important aspect to businesses as they try to lessen their carbon footprint, or move to becoming carbon neutral. Therefore, choosing efficient devices, such as HP PageWide printers, which have lower power consumption can help lower environment impact. Additionally, choosing the right partner is important. For example, HP cause zero deforestation for its paper stock. Full details are available in the report, linked below.

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Print Security

Print security should be considered as just as important as network security. After all, endpoints such as printers and PCs have traditionally been known as a weak point. Watch the video from HP Wolf Security here. Due to the pandemic causing businesses to quickly change working processes, they may now find there are some gaps in security. Devices that have robust, hardware-enforced endpoint security can help protect against unauthorised access. This includes across home and office printing.

Managed Print Services

With budgets tightening and influencing tech decision making, it may now be time to consider managed print services. These can deliver cost savings of up to 30%. Added to that, companies can benefit from flexibility and fast implementation. In short, perfect for meeting refresh needs of the future office.


To summarise, it’s important to consider your options when it comes to print. Don’t leave the decision to the last minute. Contact us today or see our page on HP here.

Download the full report here: