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Considerations when buying a Printer

Questions you need to ask yourself before buying a printer

Laserjet or Inkjet? By the end of this post, you’ll be confident your choice of printer is the right one.

First let’s look at what the difference is:

  • Laserjet – uses a heated fuser with a toner cartridge.
  • Inkjet – uses liquid ink, sprayed onto the paper.

1 – What will you be printing?

If you need product quality text documents then a Laserjet would suit you. If you produce more high quality photos then an Inkjet would be best

2 – Black and White or Colour?

Related to point 1, if all you print are text documents then a black and white printer would be adequate. You should keep in mind however, that most colour printers are good enough these days if you want to print your own marketing material.

3 – Space considerations

Where will the printer go? Will it be on a desk alongside a user’s monitors, phone and keyboard? You can get smaller desktop printers that don’t take up desk real estate.

4 – Connectivity

If you need to connect your printer to the network it will need to have an ethernet port. Most now come with this.

5 – Speed

Have to print hundreds of pages and need them as soon as possible? Laser printer speeds are pretty accurate so have a look at what the manufacturer claims.

6 – Cost

Sometimes buying a cheap printer results in more expenses in the long term. Consider the cost per page (CPP), and how much replacement ink cartridges cost. You can work out the cost of ownership with the following formula:

CPP x No. Of Pages Printer Per Year

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