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Recent Cyber Attacks

Cyber Attacks

There have been multiple cyber attacks lately, targeting large and small businesses. These can be Ransomware attacks or they’re intended to encrypt your files to cause disruption and down time.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a malicious type of software designed to block your access to your pc or your files until money is paid.

We want to warn all our customers to take extra care when opening emails. Emails can easily be spoofed to appear to be from a boss or colleague, so it’s important to take the time to double check the email address. Is there a discrepancy? Also, look at the content of the email, are there spelling mistakes or is the grammar slightly off? These can all be warning signs.

Sometimes, the worst does happen and your files get encrypted. A plan is needed to get your business working again, which is where backups come in. Along with backups, we implement several layers of security to make it harder for criminals to launch a successful attack.

What can I do?

Warn your users to watch out for emails asking to click links or to make payments. There may also be Word or PDF attachments that should not be clicked on. Awareness is key here, if your users know what could possibly be suspicious then attacks can be prevented.

Our email security offering from Barracuda helps limit the amount of spam emails that make it through to your inbox. Read more about it here, or call us to discuss further.

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