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Remote Working

Working from Home

Remote working – love it or hate it, many offices and workplaces are still working from home. We thought we’d share some tips to help you and your staff stay focused.

Dedicate a Space

Find a space that will be your dedicated workstation. This could be a complete room if you’re lucky or it could be the end of your dining table. Having the same space to sit down to each day help you get into the mind-set of working.

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Find a comfortable space

Structure your Day

Remote working brings new distractions and challenges on your time, whether this comes from children, pets or other people you live with. Depending on your field of work, you may find your usual 9-5 can be adjusted to help work around these. Setting up a schedule for the day is therefore very important. It helps you stay on track when distractions arise and allows you to easily provide examples of your work. By planning the following days work means you can jump straight in. Furthermore, it’s a great help to your colleagues so they know whether they can disturb you or not.

Move Around

Taking a break and moving is just as important when you are at home as when you are in the office, and it will help to keep your brain focused. You may be very comfortable sitting on the sofa but it’s not going to keep you motivated. Get up, make a cup of tea, go for a short walk at lunch or try some stretches. Remember, you’re not stuck to your desk in the office, so don’t feel that you can’t get up for a break at home.

Stay Connected

Remote working can sometimes feel a bit lonely, you don’t have the usual busyness of your workplace, so it’s important to maintain communication with your colleagues or staff. For example, this could take the form of weekly or daily meetings via video conference or conference call. Choosing a platform that gives your staff flexibility to join the call how they prefer is also important. They should be able to join via a mobile, laptop/pc or by dialling a local number. Also, it’s important that you have the functionality to record the call, in case anyone is unable to join.

Wildix is the perfect solution for all of the above points; it is a SIP based phone system, ideal for remote home working. It can also be used as an internal method of communication between staff and is accessed via a browser. We look at Wildix in more depth here.

Hopefully these tips will help you get through your day a bit easier. If you’re now back in your office, tell us how you found working from home, what challenges did you face? We can help find a solution should you ever need to setup remote working again.