Wildix Kite

3 March, 2021

Kite enables visitors to engage with your company and get answers to their questions directly. Read more

Wildix Training Videos

4 February, 2021

Training videos are great when you’ve implemented a new phone system and need to get everyone up to speed

2020 Year in Review

18 December, 2020

Calls and tickets! It’s been a busy year for both, take a look at some of our stats for the past year.

How to make the best impression on a video conference

28 August, 2020

Present an executive presence during a video conference with these tips.

Remote Working

8 July, 2020

Remote working could well become the new normal, but how do you keep motivated?

Wildix Partner

12 June, 2020

We’re proud to announce our latest partnership, offering you a great new choice in VoIP solutions