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Telecoms Fraud

How to protect yourself from Telecoms fraud

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Telecoms fraud in the UK is a big threat. In fact, the UK is ranked the world’s biggest target for fraudulent traffic, according to BICS data. In 2018 there were 25 million fraudulent call attempts made.

Therefore, it’s important to have measures in place. With our Voiceflex phone systems, fraud alerts are on by default. We can set threshold values, that, any time the limit is breached, we get an email. A user can then log in and check the calls made. There are two thresholds; one for cost and one for quantity.

For example, we can set a max call spend of £10. This might seem low but for a lot of our customers on our bundled products, they won’t usually go over that amount. However, if there are a lot of calls made on a day, higher than at the same point last week, an alert will be raised.

We also set a percentage changed value. This checks whether the percent difference between two days is higher than what has been set. Often, attempts at fraud increase over periods when offices are closed, such as bank holidays. These alerts help you to check if calls were made during that time.

The benefit of receiving these alerts in real time is that you can quickly check your calls and ensure there is nothing fraudulent. It’s also very easy to put a temporary stop on your account so no calls can be made.

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