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Updated Commenting in Windows

Windows Commenting

A new commenting experience has rolled out across Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. This means that you’ll be able to @mention and post comments without the worry about co-authors seeing the comments before they are complete.

Commenting block in Microsoft Word
Comments before the update

Modern comments provide a consistent experience across Office applications and will let users respond to comments directly from email notifications. You’ll also have a focused view of comments and an optional ‘all comments’ view via the Comments pane.

    New Keyboard Shortcut

    Ctrl + Enter will post a comment

With this new experience you’ll see comments to the right of the page by default. The default focused view hides all resolved comments. Therefore letting you focus on active comments instead of sifting through each entry. If you want to see all comments there is a ‘Comments’ button in the upper right corner, which will also show the resolved comments.

With more and more people staying at home to work, having commenting features such as this make working on documents together a lot easier and more streamlined.

If you’d like to learn about new developments in Office 365, take a look at their road map here: (opens in new tab)

Alternatively if you’re looking for a more feature rich collaboration experience, take a look at our post on Wildix Collaboration here: (opens in a new tab). In summary, Wildix Collaboration is not only a phone system, but, as the name suggests, a collaboration tool. Staff can video, call and chat together then quickly open a screen share and grant remote control. Therefore saving a lot of time that would have been spent waiting for an email response. In addition, staff can also see the status of their colleagues. So, if their presence has been set to away, you can see when they’ll be back and what they’re occupied with currently.