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Web Hosting

Domains and Web Hosting

Our online tool allows you to find your perfect domain and hosting package. We have a variety of domain extensions for sale including and .com. If you already have a domain we can handle the transfer so that it is hosted with us. You will have your own account, which will allow you to store a payment method. This means you can auto-renew your products without worrying about expiry dates.

SSL Certificates

Secure your customers data and transactions through an SSL certificate. Also, if your site handles card payments or other sensitive information, this is an essential purchase for your business. Your web address will include https and you will see a padlock symbol once the certificate is active. In addition to security, an SSL is required to allow staff to connect securely via a remote connection.

An engineer will handle the set up of your certificate. So there is no action required on your part.

You can find more details at or call us on 01792 762646 to discuss your requirements.


If you are interested, please call 01792 762646 to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, have a look at our other services: