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Kite from Wildix

The call links on our website are actually controlled by webRTC and Kite. These links enable visitors to our site to click a button and make the call over the web. This provides an easy and cost effective way for clients or potential clients to reach out. You may have noticed on other sites (that you’re accessing on a desktop computer) when you click a phone number it gives you a prompt of how to handle the call. For example it might ask you to open Skype. On a mobile, this works slightly better but relies on using that persons call data.

    What is webRTC

    webRTC stands for web real-time communications and is an open standard. Video, voice and data are supported and can be sent between peers. Therefore this technology is available on all modern browsers and can be used to build powerful solutions such as Kite. There are no plugins, no installs, it just works!

Bring a competitive advantage

Every website has a contact form; a generic form to submit your basic information then wait for a reply. However, emails are often overlooked and potential clients could have got tired of waiting and gone to your competitor who was quicker to reply. You want to engage with your customers straight away and what better way than providing a way to call you or chat to an agent.

When we say chat to an agent, we don’t mean a bot, we mean an actual employee that can engage and respond to enquiries. Whether they are sales representatives or support, with Kite, they’ll be able to easily turn the chat into an audio or video call. All this in addition to screen sharing and file transfer.

These features are also not limited to your website, you can integrate it into your email signatures or even your business card through QR codes.

Kite and Collaboration

As Kite is fully integrated into Wildix Unified Communication system, your employees are notified of calls or messages, wherever they may be. So, they can take audio calls on any of their Wildix devices and they can transfer to other agents if needed.

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Features include:

  • Presence – show who is available in your company
  • Live chat – engage via a chat widget that is linked to Google Analytics
  • Chat from email – let recipients chat with you, compatible with services like Mail Chimp
  • QR code – scan the code and start chatting
  • Personalisation – decide what agent information you want to share

At the Wildix UC&C summit this year, they announced some exciting features for Kite. Enabling you to take your sales further. Therefore, keep an eye on our social channels where we’ll be sharing the announcements.

Real World Examples

Estate Agents – by adding Kite to your website, potential clients can make enquiries as they’re looking at a property and get answers to their questions immediately. You could even take them on a virtual tour – perfect for the current situation we find ourselves in. Also, by providing contact widgets for each of your agents; existing clients can quickly call or chat with the right agent dealing with their property. Take it one step further and include a QR code on your agents business cards. This will allow users to scan from their mobiles and chat on that device – speeding up the whole process.

Hotel – add the contact widget to your site to allow visitors to make enquiries on room availability. Or, should someone have a billing query that is complex to describe on text, the chat can be switched to a call and the matter resolved. The call can also be transferred should it need to be progressed to another member of staff.

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